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Orcinus is a leading organization offering a wide range of Chemical Engineering product & services in the field of Refineries, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Beverage and Brewery Industries.


Process Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing of Process Equipment in the fields of Distillation, Extraction, Absorption, Evaporation, Heat Exchangers, Process Vessels and Storage tanks, Reaction Systems, Static Mixer, agitators, pusher centrifuges, Spray balls, Two -Three Phase Separator and internals and Water Treatments Applications.

Distillation & Absorption Column

A Distillation Column is equipment used in the separation of...

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Heat Exchanger

A Heat exchanger is a device that allows heat from a fluid (...

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Inline Static Mixer

Static Mixer:- A Static Mixer is a precision engineered devi...

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Structure Packing & Column Internal

Structured packing typically consist of thin corrugated meta...

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Random Packing & Column Internal

The primary purpose of Random Packing is to create surface a...

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Spray Ball

In food and Beverage Industry sanitary considerations are of...

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Evaporation is nothing but concentering the solution by vapo...

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In chemical engineering it is generally understood to be a p...

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Pusher Centrifuge

A pusher centrifuge is a type of filtration technique that o...

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Process Vessels & Storage Tanks

Pressure vessels can theoretically be almost any shape, but ...

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Liquid-Liquid Extraction Column

Liquid–liquid extraction (LLE), also known as solven...

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Agitation is a means mixing of two or more phases can be ac...

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Inline Shear Mixer

Inline Shear Mixer:- Inline High Shear Mixer offers a possib...

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Orcinus Process Technologies having decades of industrial experience in the field of process design, equipment design, process equipment manufacturing, system integration, plant design, plant modifications, automations, project management and process consultancy.

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